Corporate profile

Incorporated on 18 October 2014, K Food Holdings – a subsidiary of K Group Holdings – is the next leading name in the food and beverage scene across the Asia Pacific.

K Food has brands present in Singapore as well as regionally in Indonesia and Malaysia. While the group continues to explore master franchise opportunities in the Asia Pacific, it is also simultaneously developing in-house brands to reach out to a wider target audience.

Vision, Mission, and Values

With a dedicated team of industry professionals at its helm, K Group aims to be at the forefront of casual restaurant franchising.

The company started out franchising various Korean brands and it has now expanded into creating brand new concepts and dining experiences through authentic flavours, exciting menu line-ups, fresh ingredients and dedicated partners.

With a keen eye for food trends, K Group is always on the lookout for innovative and novel concepts to introduce to the Singaporean market.

K Group intends to expand steadily in the South East Asian region to increase its market presence. Thus far it has lived up to its promise to bring the best casual dining concepts which appeal to the masses with its fuss-free dishes, convivial spaces, and authentic recipes.